Our Agency

The Lazov Agency is a creative social media management and digital marketing agency that was established in 2011. In a nutshell, we specialize in content creation, online reputation management, consulting, and digital marketing for B2C businesses.

We enjoy working with innovative small businesses in the fashion, beauty, and home sectors. The Lazov Agency is a trusted, local company that strongly focuses on helping small businesses and professionals soar.


Lazov Agency CEO Shannon Lazovski, is a seasoned professional when it comes to social media management and brand marketing strategies.

She has seventeen years of experience when it comes to digital marketing and organizational & personal branding. Shannon focuses entirely on getting to know her clients and sharing their stories. She’s inspired by relationships and hands-on experiences.

When leading the Lazov team, her goal and mission are to help brands and professionals share and celebrate their products and services through successful reputation management, amazing content creation, award-winning digital strategies, and positive community building.